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Stirline is a modern, young and dynamic company based in Graz, Austria. Thanks to many years of experience in design and engineering, especially for new joining technologies, we are considered experts in design and manufacture of aluminum parts, especially for e-mobility and lightweight construction.

With more than 5 years of experience in FSW, we are your partner for FSW contract manufacturing.


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Mario Leitner, Founder

After graduating from the technical school for mechanical engineering in Zeltweg, he began working as a production employee, more precisely as a fitter and welder, where he learned what hard manually work means. Later, he worked on CNC machines, responsible both for programming the machines and for manufacturing the parts in series production.

This was followed by many years as a designer for various design and engineering products. There he was able to acquire extensive knowledge about mold making and the design for injection molded parts and die-cast parts. In the last 5 years he worked for an Austrian FSW machine manufacturer as a sales and key manager.

Because of his technical background and his knowledge in the area of ​​design and construction he was always welcome at his customers. 


By the way: In one of his management positions, he is winner of  both, the group award for the highest employee satisfaction and the highest customer satisfaction.


His credo: "His customers are repeat buyers!"

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