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Contract manufacturing: Willkommen

Contract manufacturing

You want to produce friction stir welded parts at comparable prices and a maximum on flexibility? 

Stirline is your partner in FSW contract manufacturing for series production!

You can focus on your main business, we provide you with high quality welded parts, including 100% traceability.

Additionally, we can machine and finish your parts.

If you are interested in our FSW technology or need more information, please do not hesitate to contact us!

How to get started?

We usually start in the design phase to avoid any later difficulties in FSW production and to optimally prepare the parts for the process.

After the design freeze, we start building an FSW-compliant fixture for serial production. Here it is important that the device supports the component sufficiently and absorbs the high forces that act during the FSW

Once the jig is complete, we begin the development of the FSW process. The FSW process must be tailored to the requirements and the specifics of each component. Once the process is set up, you will receive the release template from us and the FSW process will be written down in the form of a WPS. The process can then be repeated indefinitely and production can take place.

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