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Plastics Metal Welding

What if you could join plastics as PA6 GF30 or other carbon fiber directly to metal for example for aerospace applications, no screws, no seals, no adhesives? Permanently strong and permanently tight, with all the advantages of directly molding on plastics combined with the advantages of plastics welding, but without their disadvantages. Low process force, low temperature result in barely measurable distortion. By using recyclable plastics instead of aluminum, you protect the environment!



Automotive / Aerospace

especially in e-mobility it can be used for inverters or battery tray lids, electric motors
Other cast aluminum housings and lids
Aluminum-plastics composite parts

Plastics to chassis connection


Electrical insulated connections between Carbon fiber and Aluminum structural parts

Industrial applications
Structural components
Food industry
Household goods
Facades and architecture


Environment friendly
Low energy (cold) process
Replacement of aluminum with plastics

Possibility to add fillers
Low CO2 footprint 
No additional solvents, no adhesives

No porosity, no cavity

welding almost free of distortion 

Durable and tight joints



  • patent filed

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